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  • Standard deduction
  • Taxable income < $100,000
  • Retirement income
  • More tax credits
  • Free e-filing and printing
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deluxe Edition $39.95 Full itemizing and credits
  • All personal & business income
  • Itemized deductions
  • Any taxable income amount
  • All tax credits
  • Free e-filing and printing
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from the blog

Doing Taxes A.D. (After the Deadline)

4/24/2015 | By Bob Williams

That’s right, April 15 is long gone. Hope that doesn't scare you, because in most cases, there’s no need to be scared at all. While it’s a little early to retire to the hammock on your back lawn just yet, you’ll be there soon enough. And we can help clear up any post-tax-deadline blues.

If you got an extension from the IRS, congratulations! You get an express ticket to the hammock and a free iced tea. We’ll talk later.

If you did not get an extension but still need to file, stick around and listen up.

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