your tax return — December 23, 2014

Estimating Next Year's Taxes — Without Miss Cleo

by Bobby Willover

tax refund

As Christmas draws closer, you may (or may not) be thinking about next year’s taxes. At the very least, you may be wondering what your refund will be. Your first instinct may be to call that 1-800 psychic reading you saw at 4am a few months ago. Don’t get drawn in by the “first free minute!” Instead, use our Tax Estimator. It’s free! No gimmicks! No hidden agendas. We provide it to help you predict your refund quickly and pain free. What’s involved with this estimator? Glad you asked.

What’s This Estimator?

We’ll leave all the tax geek jargon out, and just say that it’s simply a tool that allows you to get an idea of how much your refund might be, based on some basic information provided by you. Understand, we’re not real fortune tellers, but we can get pretty darn accurate. And it’s fast.

Tell Us About You

First, you’ll tell us a little bit about your situation – Single or Married? Age? Kids?

After that, you’ll tell us about your income. If you don’t have exact numbers, provide your best guess. Use last year’s W-2 as a starting point if you need to.

Lastly, answer some questions about potential tax savers, also known as deductions and credits. Again, if you don’t have exact numbers, make your best guess (or call Miss Cleo and see if she can help).

Whoa, That’s What I’m Talking About

You’ve completed the estimator – now it’s time to “show you the money!” The results let you know if you should expect a refund, and how big it might be. Keep in mind, our estimator, while very smart, is not guaranteed to be accurate, is still just an estimate. For 100% accuracy, you'd actually be doing your taxes.

Let’s Do This’s estimator is a great tool, but what we really want for Christmas is to help you file your taxes, fast and headache-free. Now, get back to your family and friends, and that cold glass of egg nog.

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