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Fixing Your PIN Rejection

e-filing, preparation | April 25, 2016 image description
e-filing, preparation | April 25, 2016

You’ve just e-filed your return, sending your annual bundle of joy screaming through cyberspace toward the IRS. Then you get the news. Your return was rejected by the IRS because the PIN number you entered during filing wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Now what?

Not to worry. You have some options.

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Doing Taxes A.D. (After Deadline)

preparation, e-filing | April 19, 2016 image description
preparation, e-filing | April 19, 2016

That’s right, April 18 is come and gone. Hope we didn’t scare you too badly with that. But in most cases, there’s no need to be scared at all. While it’s a little early to retreat to the hammock on your back lawn just yet, you’ll be there soon enough. And we can help clear up those post-tax-deadline blues.

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No Time to Waste

e-filing, your tax return, preparation | April 11, 2016 image description
e-filing, your tax return, preparation | April 11, 2016

Well, we’ve done it again, have we? We let that income tax filing deadline creep up on us, and now we’re faced with a mad dash to get things filed before the deadline.

While we don’t have time to waste, it’s not time to panic either.

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March Madness 16 - Winners & Losers

preparation | March 28, 2016 image description
preparation | March 28, 2016

March Madness. The Road to the Final Four. Whatever you call it, the annual NCAA College Basketball tournament captivates millions of sports fans every year. It also pulls in millions more who aren’t basketball fans per se, but get hooked into the drama and competitive stories of the tournament.

The tournament is the Holy Grail for those who look forward to the annual American phenomenon of the Office Pool.

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