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tax tips — November 22, 2019

How Do Taxes Work for Side Job Bloggers?

Every “Top 10 Side Gigs” and “20 Best Work-from-Home Jobs” article you’ll find has one thing in common: blogging. So how do taxes work for bloggers?


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How e-File Protects your Tax Refund

Filing your taxes online is actually the safest way to handle your tax return, according to the IRS. Here's why!


4 Things to Know About Online Banking

Heard the online banking buzz? Though traditional banks have their strengths, let's see what this online bank trend has to offer.


3 Common E-filing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Be extra careful when entering specific personal data to save the hassle of tax refund delays.


Tame the Paper Monster - Manage Your Tax Records

For many Americans, the scene is the same every April: you're sitting on the floor surrounded by scores - sometimes hundreds - of pieces of paper. Receipts, bills, deeds, and other important documents that you may need to file with that year's tax return. As you look around the room, only one emotion comes to mind: overwhelming fear. Where do you start?


Make Personal Finances Part of Your Online Routine

With the advent of online banking, it ought to be easier than ever to monitor the status of our personal finances. No surprises, right? According to a recent survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, that's not the case for a significant number of taxpayers. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for the AICPA, found that more than half of the young adults (18 - 34 years old) they checked their social media accounts at least once a day (7.5 times was the average). The downside? Only 17 percent of them checked their bank accounts daily.


Last-Minute Taxes: Why Should I File a Tax Extension?

While you still have to pay your taxes by April 18 if you owe, there are several great reasons to file a tax extension.


The Tax Filing Golden Ticket - Know Your 2015 AGI Amount

The IRS no longer uses e-file PINs to verify your identity, and is only using prior-year adjusted gross income (AGI) or your self-selected PIN.


e-File Safety and Security: The IRS, and You

Safety first, right? Here's a rundown of the best ways to keep your information secure during tax season.


Calling All Students - Time to File Your Taxes!

Heads up, students! Time to file your taxes with these student tax breaks, credits and deductions.


Purposeful Record-keeping Reduces Tax-Time Stress

We all know how stressful it can be when you wait until the last minute to prepare your taxes and you are probably not thinking about it now, during the summer months, but summer is a great time to start planning for next year. Keeping good records will reduce tax-time stress.