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For every tax return filed on 1040.com,
including free returns, we donate $2
to clean water projects. Get our lowest
price, your maximum refund, and be a
part of something bigger.


Do your own taxes with the confidence of a pro.

Filing your taxes doesn't have to be a scary process. Our easy interview guides you through
your taxes, helping you find credits and deductions that will maximize your refund.

Interview-Style Filing

Just answer some simple questions and ditch the
complicated forms for good. We’ll take care of the rest
and find credits and deductions to maximize your refund.

Free Update From Prior Year
Check for Accuracy

We run your return though hundreds of verification rules
to check for errors or omissions. Our coders and tax
analysts are crazy focused on accuracy.

Fastest Possible Refund
Auto-Complete State Return

Data from your federal return automatically transfers to
your state return. Worked in multiple states? You can add
as many state returns as you need.

Data Security

We guarantee satisfaction because we can.

How does simple, accurate, and affordable sound? That’s what you get with 1040.com, guaranteed.

Easy to use


You don’t pay until you are satisfied and ready to file.

Maximum Refun

Maximum Refund

You’ll get your maximum federal and state refund possible.


100% Accurate Calculations

Includes your federal and state tax returns.

What others are saying about 1040.com

“I only get to give you five stars? Pity. I’d give you ten stars if I could. I have used many different sites to file my fed. return and yours is the best, which is why I have had an account for the past few years. Keep up the good work.”
“1040.com is just what I need – it’s really easy to file your taxes and the customer service is great. I e-filed and received my refund fast. I definitely plan to use again next year!”
“This was so much easier than doing it myself. Also – totally worth the cost and far less money than paying a big company to do it. Thanks!”
“I have been using 1040.com for years. It is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get my Federal and State returns done.”
“I believe this is the third or fourth year in a row I have filed with you and I would like to say thanks. The site runs smoothly and makes everything a breeze.”
“Very easy and straight-forward process. This is the 4th year that I’ve used 1040.com and I will continue to use it.”
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