Federal Taxes

Filing Your Taxes 101

An overview of the nuts and bolts of taxes, including who has to file, which form to use, and how to file.

For Students and New Grads

Going to school? Save money on your taxes! A look at the tax breaks available to college students (or their parents).

Taxes for Families

We cover how to get all your family members added to your return, as well as some of the tax breaks available for children and other dependents.

Affordable Care Act

How the Affordable Care Act affects your taxes. Also get answers to your ACA questions, and use our ACA calculators.

Taxes and Your Job

An overview of all things job-related: W-2 income, employee business expenses, withholding, military and clergy considerations, and more.

Taxes for the Self-Employed

When you’re in business for yourself, you have greater responsibilities, especially with taxes. An intro to the extra – or different – hoops you face.

Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Some costs of home ownership are deductible, including mortgage interest, real estate tax, private mortgage insurance and points.

Health and Life Insurance

An overview of the various tax breaks that allow you to cope with and plan for paying medical expenses.

Investing and Retirement

As with anything related to money, there are tax implications for your retirement accounts. Here’s a list of what’s out there, and what they mean for your taxes.

Tax Savings Strategies

A look at some of the key tax credits and deductions that can save you money, come tax time.