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Jocotan, Guatemala

There’s more to our story with Healing Waters International (HWI) than our $2 give back pledge per return. Back in September, we went with Kayla Fruchtman (the Director of Marketing and Development for HWI) to see some of their clean water sites in Guatemala and get a better understanding of what HWI is doing for the people in these communities.

That’s when we met the Mineras, a Guatemalan couple who sold everything and moved from their home in Antigua, Guatemala to a rural area in the mountains above a village called Jocotan. They felt called to move after hearing a story of a young boy who ate canned soup out of a garbage heap and died from food poisoning.

Jocotan, Guatemala
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Jocotan, Guatemala

The Mineras opened a feeding center in an old coffee processing building that was donated to them, and they are gradually developing a curriculum to grow their teaching capacity at the center, so they can feed minds as well as bodies. The children in the Jocotan community are all welcome, and they come from working in the field to a hot meal provided by this incredible couple.

So where do we come in?

Healing Waters International partners with the Mineras to maintain a small water store in the streets of Jocotan, using HWI’s clean water filtration system and distribution model. The water is sold at a fraction of what other commercial stores charge, with the sole focus on making safe water affordable to the poorest in the community. HWI’s involvement is a guiding help, but all the work and care are in the hands of the Mineras and their community. With the income from the store, the couple has been able to keep their feeding center and emerging school up and running.

Here at 1040.com, we’re committed to using what we’re good at – smart, simple taxes – for the greater good of our world. You can help us in that: Just do the taxes you’ve had to do ever since joining the work force, but do them like you’ve never done before – to bring global good to people who, like the Mineras, are able to pursue their own visions and bring change to their communities in ways only they know how.

Jocotan, Guatemala

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