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Tax Tips

Your Refund: Wait for it … Wait for it …

Once you’ve e-filed your return, don’t waste effort checking on when the refund will show up. Don’t start hunting the refund until 21 days has passed, the IRS says.…

In Search of Your Missing W-2

If you’re ready to file and your employer has yet to send out W-2s, call your employer’s payroll department and check on it. They can usually e-mail you a copy. …

Hobby or Business?

A fine line may separate the two, but the IRS is going to put you on one side or the other. Pass their criteria, and the IRS could declare your pastime a business – and require things like self-employment taxes.…

Free Money!

No, it only seems that way. The Earned Income Tax Credit reads like everybody gets a refund no matter what. But the sticking point is Earned Income. …

A Kinder, Gentler Calculation

If you usually take the Office in Home deduction, you may be glad to know the IRS has a new option for 2013 that could save you some math. …

For the Vehicularly Challenged

When your teenager comes to you and demands a car, tell ‘em you just read about the latest trend in automotive financing. It’s called a JOB, and can give them just about everything they’re asking for.…

Don't Sweat the Tax Stuff

Above all, be prepared before you sit down to do your income taxes. Make sure you’ve got all your paperwork together, handy, and in order. That way, if you’re missing something, there’s time to find it – or go get it.…

Proving You Are You

Getting stuck in the checkout process – and can’t tell your PIN from your AGI? The Identification PIN we ask for comes from the IRS. The AGI is an alternative, and comes from last year’s return. …

Pay Now or Pay Now

You got your Federal income tax extension filed on time and you’re feeling pretty relieved. But don’t put away that checkbook just yet. …

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Options After the Ship has Sailed

4/16/2014 | By Bob Williams

OK – you came running down the pier, your financial baggage in hand, expecting to jump on the ship that leaves promptly at midnight. Your ticket requires a filed income tax return, but for whatever reason, you weren’t able to do that. Maybe that W-2 you were banking on just didn’t show up in time; maybe your son at college decided to do his own taxes and you lost the exemption; maybe the time just got away from you. No matter.

What matters is, the SS IRS is pulling away from the dock, and you haven’t made it to the gangplank yet.

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