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How do I report my gambling earnings? - Tax Guide

When you file your taxes, you'll report your gambling winnings as "Other Income."


Help Before You File

Some common mistakes on income tax returns - and how to avoid them.


Which form to file?

If you're worried about knowing which type of 1040 form to file, there's really no need. takes the information you enter and automatically chooses the correct form for your tax situation. Also, we always choose the lowest cost option for your situation, which means you'll get the results you deserve at our best possible price.


Keeping You Safe with e-File

E-filing is the safest way to handle your taxes. Here's why.


Help Before You File

Confused about e-filing your taxes? Speed up your return filing with these tax tips.


4 Things to Know About Online Banking

Heard the online banking buzz? Though traditional banks have their strengths, let's see what this online bank trend has to offer.


How e-File Protects your Tax Refund

Filing your taxes online is actually the safest way to handle your tax return, according to the IRS. Here's why!


Last-Minute Taxes: Why Should I File a Tax Extension?

While you still have to pay your taxes by April 18 if you owe, there are several great reasons to file a tax extension.


File Your Taxes. Make a Difference.

For every 2015 tax return filed through, including free returns, we are donating $2 to clean water projects.


Calling All Students - Time to File Your Taxes!

Heads up, students! Time to file your taxes with these student tax breaks, credits and deductions.


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