Our guarantees stand by you.

You have a right to our very best—and we hold ourselves to that standard.

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One Price Guarantee

One price means one price. We don’t tell you one thing and surprise you with another once you get in the app. It’s $25 to prepare and file your federal and state taxes, period.

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Max Refund Guarantee

Our tax return walkthrough is designed to catch every tax break that you qualify for without drowning you in questions. You’ll get your maximum possible refund or your money back.

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Easy to Use Guarantee

It’s not just a claim. It’s a guarantee. Making your taxes simple and approachable is our ultimate goal, which is why we never charge you up-front to file. Bowing out is easy if you don’t love the app (but honestly, we think you will).

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100% Accurate Guarantee

Our calculations are checked thoroughly every year to ensure accuracy. We stand by our arithmetic and will reimburse any penalties and interest incurred due to a math snafu.

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