About Us

About Us

Our team, our mission, and our passion

Down Arrow

We’re tax and technology gurus, and we’re driven to make the
filing process smart, simple, and affordable for DIY filers. Our
passion is turning the necessary parts of life into opportunities to
better our world, so we invest in clean water projects that help
transform thirsting individuals into thriving communities –
10.7 million gallons and counting.


We do taxes, and we do them well. Drake
Software, our parent company, is one of
the largest tax software companies and
serves more than 55,000 tax professionals
nationwide. We’ve been making
professional-grade income tax software
since 1977, and filing with 1040.com means
you can do your own taxes with our team
of experts to back you.

Of course we’re proud of our work and
consider our software among the best in
the business, but you don't have to take
our word for it: More than 15 million
federal tax returns were filed through
our tax applications in 2018.

Home Shirt

If you need help, we're right here in the
U.S.A. Our entire business – programmers,
tax analysts, service team, servers and
equipment – is located in our North
Carolina, Tennessee, and New Hampshire
offices. Your information will never go
overseas, making your tax filing that much
more secure.

As a company, we believe that giving
back isn't just a bonus to a great product
– it's a responsibility. We're honored to
work with Healing Waters International to
help make clean water accessible to
people all around the world.


Here are some fun facts about us!


The valley where our hometown of Franklin, NC
sits was once an ancient and important
Cherokee town called Nikwasi, which means
“center of activity.” You can still see the Nikwasi
mound as you come up Main Street – talk about
an awesome commute!


Any other nature buffs? We love our hometown
in the Appalachian Mountains, and hiking is a
great getaway. Even we need a break from taxes sometimes.


Franklin, NC is known as the "Gem Capital of the
World” because of its gem mines and mining
operations, which are open to the public
and good family fun!

Water Bottle

Every year, we take a team to visit some of
Healing Waters International’s clean water sites
to spend some quality time with our friends in
developing countries and to keep our vision of
universal clean water fresh (no pun intended).

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