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Simple pricing

Bid the days of frustrating pricing tiers and “upgrades” goodbye. Our price is the same for every tax situation, including self-employment.


Helpful support

We know that taxes can sometimes make you, well, frustrated. Our service team is here for you with chat and email support—no upgrade required.


Mobile friendly

Your biggest financial hurdle of the year can be done on your phone. We’ve optimized our software for small-screened devices to provide ultimate flexibility.


Filer friendly

Navigate tax filing with ease using our sophisticated walkthrough technology that converts IRS tax forms into a simple system. Follow our lead or use the menu to jump between forms.


Easy help resources

Our extensive help database has intuitive organization and a slew of topics, from basic filing tips and freelancing to small business ownership.


Simple state filing

State returns are populated with data from your federal return, backed by our maximum refund and accuracy guarantees, and included with our single price.

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