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How to file a tax extension
How to file an extension with the IRS
How do I pay my taxes online?
Can I file a tax extension?
When is the last day to file taxes with an extension?
When is the tax deadline if I filed for an extension?
Can I still file my taxes if I filed an extension?
What is the deadline for October filing?
What are the 2017 tax penalty amounts?
When can I expect my refund if I file in October?
What time of day are tax returns due?
Where can I file my taxes if I’m on extension?
Can I extend filing my taxes past October 15?
What happens if I don’t file my taxes by October 16?

Tax Law Changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Does President Trump’s tax bill affect me this year?
What are the new Republican Tax Bill tax brackets?
How does President Trump’s tax bill change the standard deduction?
Does the new tax bill change my personal exemption?
Can I still get a tax deduction for my state and local income taxes (or sales taxes)?
Does the Child Tax Credit change in the new GOP tax bill?
How does President Trump’s new tax bill affect the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for dependents 17 and older?
Did the new GOP tax bill cut deductions for medical expenses?
Did President Trump’s tax bill cut the student loan interest deduction?
Did the Republican tax bill cut the deduction for classroom supplies?
Did President Trump’s new tax bill cut the tax-free status of tuition waivers for graduate students?
Do I still have to buy health insurance after the new tax bill?

Tax Refunds and Tax Returns

How do I track my refund?
When will I get my tax refund?
How can I check to see if my income tax return is in process?
How do I get my tax transcripts?
How do I file a free tax return?
What is the minimum amount to file taxes for 2016?
What form do I need to file my income tax return?
Where can I e-file my 1099-MISC?
How do I pay my estimated taxes?
How do I find out if someone filed taxes in my name?
Can I file my taxes with for free?
How do I access my Form 1040 online?
How do I find last year’s AGI?
How do I check my tax return status?
How do I know that the government received my tax return?
What is the fastest way to get my tax refund?
How do I check on my amended return status?
Why is my state refund taking longer than my federal refund?
Can I itemize my deductions?
Can a married person claim the Head of Household filing status?
Do I need to file a federal return this year?
Can I use my last paystub if I don't have my W-2 yet?
Where can I find my 2015 AGI?
Where can I find my 2016 AGI?
What is a personal exemption?
What are the qualifications for the Earned Income Credit (EIC or EITC)?
Should I choose the standard deduction or itemized deductions?
What is a tax return?
Can I deduct gas and mileage on my work commute?
Can a married person claim head of household filing status?

Taxes for Freelancers

Where can I find 1099-MISC instructions?
Do freelancers pay taxes?
How do freelancers file their taxes?
What does a freelancer need to file taxes?
Can I deduct expenses that were partly for personal use?
When do freelancers have to pay taxes?
Can I deduct an excise tax?
How do I estimate my taxes?
Do I have to pay quarterly taxes?
How much tax does an independent contractor pay?

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