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What form do I need to file my income tax return?

When you file online, you don’t have to worry about the forms themselves. Filing with means you’ll simply answer easy interview questions, and we’ll fill the forms based on your answers.

There are three versions of the main individual income tax form:

  • Form 1040EZ: The simplest version of Form 1040, and free to file with Some examples of Form 1040EZ qualifications include not having children or other dependents to report, making less than $100,000, claiming the standard deduction and only reporting W2 income.
  • Form 1040A: The next step up from the Form 1040EZ. This form includes room for additional reporting requirements, such as dependents, investment income and retirement savings.
  • Form 1040: Also referred to as the “Long Form.” This form is all-inclusive, providing space to report any type of income not mentioned in the Form 1040EZ or 1040A, such as self-employment and rental income. The Long Form 1040 also allows you to claim less common credits and deductions.
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