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How do I know that the government received my tax return?

When you electronically file your taxes, the IRS confirms each tax return with an Acknowledgement Record. It will either indicate “Accepted” or “Rejected.”

A “Rejected” status will include a description of what needs to be fixed on the return. A rejected return must be resubmitted.

An accepted return is confirmation that the government received your return and accepted it for processing. Your e-file provider, whether software or tax professional, receives the Acknowledgment Record and can inform you of the status.

On, after you finish your tax return and click “Send,” our sophisticated transmission technology formats and encrypts your return for secure, direct delivery to the IRS.

As soon as we get word that your tax return has been reviewed and accepted by the IRS, we’ll email you to let you know that your return is officially accepted. This process typically occurs within minutes, which means your tax refund should be on its way in the next few weeks!

You can always check on the status of your return by signing in at

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