your tax return — October 14, 2014

The Totally Non-Scary Part of October

by Bobby Willover

October 15 deadline

October is the time of year that typically evokes the fear of something lurking under the bed, dashing between the shadows, and slithering around the corner. One thing that's totally not scary about October? Your taxes.

Getting a six-month extension back in April means you have until October. Well, it’s now October and your taxes are sitting in the pile next to your computer, covered in coffee cup stains and dust. No worries though, we’re here to help with a few helpful tips that’ll get your taxes filed quicker.

Wait, Where Was I?

Way back in April when you decided you needed more time to file your taxes, you probably just stopped where you were. Now it's six months later, and you may feel like you're playing hide and seek with which information you’ve already entered. Easy: just sign back into your return, and click Review to see everything you've done so far. We’ve kept your information safe — one less hassle for you.

Get Your Paperwork Together

If you were waiting for a certain piece of information back in April, you should have received that by now. Go ahead and get your paperwork in order and all the information you’ll need. With’s easy interview, we’ll make sure you’re not missing something important, so you’ll get the most back on your taxes.

Don’t Pay Uncle Sam Twice

If you sent in a tax payment when you filed an extension, make sure you enter that on your return before you file. That way you you get credit for the payment, and don't pay any more than you have to when you file.

You’ve Filed Your Taxes. Now What?

At, we’re the tax geeks, so you don’t have to be. So you can get back to your own life. Back to picking out costumes for that Halloween party. Or eating all that candy you bought for trick or treaters. You know … important stuff. 


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