e-filing, your tax return — February 16, 2015

Filing an Amended Return

by Bob Williams

amended return

You knew it the minute you did it. You clicked the button to e-file your taxes, but you forgot to include something.

Now what?

First, don’t panic. If your return hasn’t been accepted yet – wait. If the return is rejected by the IRS, you can simply correct any mistakes and refile.

If your return has been accepted, though, you’ll have to file an amended return with Form 1040X. On this form, enter your data as it was on your original return, then save the form. Then revise your return as needed to correct it, such as changing the Personal Information, Schedule A, Dependent screens, etc., or by adding any needed forms.

Unfortunately, Form 1040X must be filed by mail: the IRS does not allow it to be e-filed, so you must print your complete return and mail it with the completed Form 1040X to the IRS address provided in the 1040X instructions.

If your state return is accepted, you'll also need to file an amended state return. Consult your state's tax website for information on how to do that.

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