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Interview-Style Filing

Just answer some simple questions and ditch the
complicated forms for good. We’ll take care of the rest
and find credits and deductions to maximize your refund.

Free Update From Prior Year
Check for Accuracy

We run your return though hundreds of verification rules
to check for errors or omissions. Our coders and tax
analysts are crazy focused on accuracy.

Fastest Possible Refund
Auto-Complete State Return

Data from your federal return automatically transfers to
your state return. Worked in multiple states? You can add
as many state returns as you need.

Data Security
Pay with Your Refund

If your return isn’t free, you can pay any remaining
balance with your refund for an additional fee. Talk about

We’re Here to Help

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How does simple, accurate, and affordable sound? That’s what you get with 1040.com, guaranteed.

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You don’t pay until you are satisfied and ready to file.

Lowest Price

Lowest Price Possible

Always get our lowest price based on your tax situation.

Maximum Refun

Maximum Refund

You’ll get your maximum federal and state refund possible.


100% Accurate Calculations

Includes your federal and state tax returns.

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Estimate how much refund
you could get this year with
our Tax Refund Calculator.


How will the ACA affect your
taxes? Check out our ACA
infographic to learn more.


Learn the basics of filing your
taxes in our short, free e-book:
Taxes in Plain English.

Tax Guide

Our Tax Guide covers all the basics
for students, new grads, families,
the self-employed and more.


What others are saying about 1040.com

“1040.com makes filing my taxes so easy that I almost look forward to it.”

Stephanie S. | Washington, DC

“Been with you guys for three years and it’s always painless and hassle-free. Thanks!”

Kelly E. | San Francisco, CA

“Nicely done!!! Easy and Fast … a lot cheaper than other tax sites … I am figuring I saved close to 100.00 by using this site!”

Lena L. | Shamokin Dam, PA

“Filing your taxes can be so scary … I don’t give out positive feedback easily but 1040.com made it so easy for me … I feel very confident that my return is 100%. Thank you 1040.com.”

Philip R. | Littleton, NH

“I have used this site since 2012 for my return and it is the easiest and fastest that I have ever been able to complete online. I love the ease of use and auto navigation of each section along with all helpful tips that you may need.”

Scott S. | San Antonio, TX

“I have a small business, so my tax return is a little more complicated. 1040.com was the most affordable online tax program I could find for filing my return. It’s simple to use … I’d recommend it for other DIY filers.”

Johnna H. | Fredericksburg, Virginia