How it works

How it Works

Let’s break it down.

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1.Start With Our Easy Interview

Don't worry – this isn’t the sort of interview you have to get dressed
up for. All you have to do is answer some simple questions about
yourself, your family situation, and your job. You’ll want to have your
W2s and any other tax documents nearby, including your health
insurance information. We’ll take the provided info and get all the
credits and deductions you qualify for, tailored to your own life –
and you can stay in your sweatpants.


2.Move On To Your State Taxes

It’s a good idea to go ahead and file your state taxes with
your federal return, and we make it easy. The information
from your interview automatically transfers to your state
return so you don’t have to answer the same questions
twice. We run our accuracy check on both returns at the
same time, and we guarantee your biggest state refund and
100% accurate state calculations. When finished, you’ll e-file
your state return with your federal, making the whole
process smart, simple and seamless.

3.Review and e-File

Give your information a second glance and leave the heavy
lifting to us. We’ll run diagnostics to make sure you get your
maximum refund and our lowest price. Choose how to receive
your refund – direct deposit is the fastest option. And if your
return isn’t free, you can pay with either a credit card or part of
your refund. Now submit your return and relax, knowing your
money’s on its way. We’ll email you to confirm that your return
has been accepted by the IRS.

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We’re making the
numbers count.

Your maximum refund is on the way, and filing your return with takes us one
step closer to making clean water access a global reality. That’s how easy it is to do
your own taxes and make a huge difference in someone’s life, all at the same place.

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