Arizona Tax Forms

E-file your Arizona personal income tax return online with These 2019 forms and more are available:

  • Arizona Form 140 – Personal Income Tax Return for Residents
  • Arizona Form 140NR – Personal Income Tax Return for Nonresidents
  • Arizona Form 140PY – Personal Income Tax Return for Part-Year Residents
  • Arizona Form 140PTC – Property Tax Refund (Credit) Claim
  • Arizona Form 131 Claim for Refund on Behalf of a Deceased Taxpayer
  • Arizona Form 140PTC Property Tax Refund (Credit) Claim
  • Arizona Form 201 Renter’s Certificate of Property Taxes Paid
  • Arizona Form 301 Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and Recapture
  • Arizona Form 309 Taxes Paid to Another State/Country Credit
  • Arizona Form 310 Residential Solar Energy Credit
  • Arizona Form 321 Contributions to Charities That Provide Assistance to Working Poor
  • Arizona Form 322 Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools Credit
  • Arizona Form 323 Contributions to School Tuition Credit
  • Arizona Form 323/348 – Donations made to schools January 1, 2020 to April 15, 2020
  • Arizona Form 323/348-Donations made to schools in 2019
  • Arizona Form 336-T Solar Energy Device Credit Transfer
  • Arizona Form 352 Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Org.
  • Arizona Form Adjustments
  • Arizona Form Amount Paid With Extension
  • Arizona Form 203 Request for Injured Spouse Protection
  • Arizona Form 322 Continuation
  • Arizona Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
  • Arizona Schedule 1A (Other Additions and Additional Dependents)
  • Arizona Schedule 1S

More reasons to use to file your state taxes:

  • If you need to file taxes for a state that does have an income tax, can reuse information from your federal return to automatically create your state return. (Federal return required.)
  • You can get direct deposit together with or separately from your federal refund.
  • Owe taxes? Choose direct debit, or pay by credit card or check.

Downloadable Forms A-Z

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