Arkansas Tax Forms

E-file your Arkansas personal income tax return online with These 2019 forms and more are available:

  • Arkansas Form 1000F/1000NR – Personal Income Tax Return for Residents and Nonresidents
  • Arkansas Form 1000-CO – Check Off Contributions Schedule
  • Arkansas Form AR1000ADJ – Schedule of Adjustments
  • Arkansas Form AR1000TC – Tax Credits
  • Arkansas Form AR3 – Itemized Deduction Schedule
  • Arkansas Form 1000EC – Early Childhood Certification Form
  • Arkansas Form 1000CE-Teacher’s Qualified Classroom Investment
  • Arkansas Form 1075 – Deduction for Post-Secondary Tuition Paid
  • Arkansas Form 1800 – Political Contributions
  • Arkansas Form 2210 – Individual Estimated Tax Penalty

More reasons to use to file your state taxes:

If you need to file taxes for a state that does have an income tax, can reuse information from your federal return to automatically create your state return. (Federal return required.)
You can get direct deposit together with or separately from your federal refund.
Owe taxes? Choose direct debit, or pay by credit card or check.

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