Hawaii Tax Forms

E-file your Hawaii personal income tax return online with 1040.com. These 2019 forms and more are available:

  • Hawaii Form N-11/N-15 – Personal Income Tax for Residents, Nonresidents, and Part-Year Residents
  • Hawaii Form N-101A – Extension
  • Hawaii Schedule X – Tax Credits for Hawaii Residents (Credit for Low-Income Housing Renters)
  • Hawaii Schedule CR – Schedule of Tax Credits
  • Hawaii Schedule CR Other Refundable Credits (Line 26)
  • Hawaii Schedule X (Credit for Low-Income Housing Renters)
  • Hawaii Schedule X (Refundable Food/Excise Tax Credit)
  • Hawaii Credit for Child Passenger Restraint System
  • Hawaii Credit for Taxes Paid Other State and Foreign Tax Credit Worksheet
  • Hawaii Itemized Deductions
  • Hawaii N110 Claiming refund for deceased
  • Hawaii N139 Moving Expenses
  • Hawaii N163 Fuel Tax Credit for Commercial Fishers
  • Hawaii N340 Motion Picture, Digital Media, and Film Production Credit
  • Hawaii N342 Renewable Energy Technologies Credit
  • Hawaii N344 Important Agricultural Land Qualified Cost Credit
  • Hawaii N348 Capital Infrastructure Tax Credit
  • Hawaii N356 Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Hawaii N35K1 Shareholder’s Share of Income, Credits, Deductions, Etc.
  • Hawaii N4 Statement of Withholding for NR Shareholder of S Corp
  • Hawaii Tax Credit for Low-Income Housing
  • Hawaii Tax Credit for Research Activities

More reasons to use 1040.com to file your state taxes:

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You can get direct deposit together with or separately from your federal refund.
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