Idaho Tax Forms

E-file your Idaho personal income tax return online with These 2020 forms and more are available:

  • Idaho Form 40/43 – Idaho Part-Year Resident and Nonresident Income Tax Return
  • Idaho Form 39R – Part-year Resident and Nonresident Supplemental Schedule
  • Idaho Form 24 – Grocery Credit Refund
  • Idaho 402 – Apportionment for Multistate Businesses
  • Idaho 43 Part-Year and Nonresident Worksheets
  • Idaho – 56 Net Operating Loss Carryforward/Carryback
  • Idaho – Grocery Credit (Full and Part-Year Residents only)
  • Idaho – K1 – 1065, 1120S or 1041 K1 Received

More reasons to use to file your state taxes:

If you need to file taxes for a state that does have an income tax, can reuse information from your federal return to automatically create your state return. (Federal return required.)
You can get direct deposit together with or separately from your federal refund.
Owe taxes? Choose direct debit, or pay by credit card or check.

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