New Jersey Tax Forms

E-file your New Jersey personal income tax return online with These 2019 forms and more are available:

  • New Jersey Form NJ-1040 – Personal Income Tax Return for Residents
  • New Jersey Form NJ-1040NR – Personal Income Tax Return for Nonresidents
  • New Jersey 100S K1 – Shareholder’s Share of Income/Loss
  • New Jersey 1065 K-1 – Partner’s Share of Income/Loss
  • New Jersey Bus 1 Part IV Rental
  • New Jersey Business Allocation – Nonresident
  • New Jersey Contributions
  • New Jersey Credit for Taxes Paid to Another Jurisdiction
  • New Jersey Domestic Partner Civil Union
  • New Jersey Extension
  • New Jersey Health Care Coverage
  • New Jersey Health Care Coverage Worksheet L
  • New Jersey Identity Theft Declaration
  • New Jersey Pension Worksheet A and B
  • New Jersey Property Tax Information PTR-1
  • New Jersey Use Tax
  • New Jersey Wages and Salary Allocation – Nonresident
  • New Jersey Worksheet G-1 Multiple Residences
  • New Jersey WWC – Wounded Warrior Caregivers Credit

More reasons to use to file your state taxes:

If you need to file taxes for a state that does have an income tax, can reuse information from your federal return to automatically create your state return. (Federal return required.)
You can get direct deposit together with or separately from your federal refund.
Owe taxes? Choose direct debit, or pay by credit card or check.

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