Making sense of taxes

Filed an extension? Have your 2014 AGI on hand

your tax return, preparation, e-filing, security | October 10, 2016 image description

The IRS is phasing out the Electronic Filing PIN, because using your prior year AGI is a lot more secure. Here’s how to find and use your 2014 AGI.

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4 Things to Know About Online Banking

personal finances | October 03, 2016 image description

Online banks are only available through provided apps and websites, while traditional banks usually have brick-and-mortar locations and offer some online tools. Both types of banks have pros and cons, so let’s see what this online bank trend has to offer.

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Taxes for Small Businesses

tax tips | September 26, 2016 image description

Owning your enterprise has its rewards, especially if you understand how small business taxes are applied. Sound scary? A lot of the fear surrounding taxes for small businesses is simply fear of the unknown – so let’s talk about it.

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