tax news — October 06, 2011

New Options Available for those Affected by Recent Disasters

by Michael Jenkins

new deadline for filing taxesIf you're still awestruck by the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and the scorching Texas wildfires, the IRS is lending a hand by extending filing deadlines. Along with the relief provided in September on Irene, Lee (in New York or Pennsylvania) and the fires, the IRS is extending certain tax filing and payment obligations until October 31. This means will be able to help you process and file your 2010 returns for almost two extra weeks.

From the IRS:

E-file, which will close for all other taxpayers following the Oct. 17 extension filing deadline, will be open through the end of October to any taxpayer who lives or has a business in areas granted tax relief because of Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Irene, the Texas wildfires, or Tropical Storm Lee in New York and Pennsylvania.

Special Instructions for e-Filers

The IRS encouraged any taxpayer who wants to include a payment with the tax return to e-file by Oct. 20.

Because of year-end programming changes, IRS e-file will not accept returns that include payments after Oct 20. E-file returns that include a payment after that date will be rejected, but the IRS offers other options for these taxpayers to still e-file but pay separately by using: also offers a credit card and/or debit card option: - quickly and securely pay your balance due to the IRS via all the nationally accepted card systems.

Good luck to those affected; we hope this relieves the stress a bit.

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