Giving Back — March 13, 2018

3 Inspiring Clean-Water Stories

by Susannah McQuitty

Illustration of water poured into a carton

You’ve probably noticed by now that taxes are our passion, but we’re also pretty stoked about clean water (get it? surfing? no?). There are so many amazing stories out there of people finding ways to end the global water crisis, and our friends at Healing Waters International pass along so many that they encounter.

Today we want to share a few stories about how regular people learned about and addressed the global need for clean water.

Bwè Kafe

Everyone needs a coffee shop to go lounge, work, write, draw, or (gasp) drink coffee and take it all in, but Bwè Kafe in Hoboken, NJ is more than a cozy corner with some awesome brews.

The cafe was opened to help sustain owner Maryanne Fike’s passion for education in Haiti. After personally traveling with a group of doctors less than 10 days after the earthquake to help provide aide, Fike knew she wanted to do more. She co-founded Love for Haiti/the Ark Project, which is an initiative to provide education scholarships for Haitian students, and Bwè Kafe followed soon after.

After spending so much time in the country, Fike also realized the need for clean water. Another portion of the proceeds from Bwè Kafe goes to Coffee for Water, which funds water filtration projects in Haiti.

A man preparing to fill water jugs at a clean water system in Haiti

Trenton’s Wish

13-year-old Trenton always looked for ways to bless others in his life. In October of 2017, the Canadian teen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. When Trenton was offered $6,000 through Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, he chose to donate the money to clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Haiti through compassion.

Trenton passed away on February 7, 2018, but his legacy lives on—Trenton’s donation page has already raised more than $14,000.


Want to run 50 marathons? Probably not, but some people have made running 50 marathons in a year both a goal and a mission—and that’s how we get to see Run5050’s passion for clean water.

The lead runner, Bryce Matteson, will be running the marathons in 50 different states to benefit our friends at Healing Waters International. Other runners plan to go anywhere between a couple miles and the 50 marathons to help raise money, but no matter what you run, the goal is the same: Fund 50 water projects, which would impact the insane amount of 50,000 people. How awesome is that?

I mean, I wouldn’t be lining up to run over a thousand miles (that song would be stuck in my head until the bitter end), but it’s awesome to see how Run5050 is using their passion to fund clean water in their own way.

That’s what it’s all about in the end, right? Finding ways that we can give back, no matter what we do, no matter our situation, and no matter how big or small. It adds up.

When you file with, we donate $2—enough for two months of clean water per person—to Healing Waters International. Why not join us in the fight against the global water crisis and file your taxes with

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