Giving Back — March 22, 2017

Meet the Mineras: File Your Taxes for Good

by Susannah McQuitty

The Mineras with the team in Jocotan, Guatemala

What exactly do we mean when we say that filing your taxes with can help end the global water crisis? We love spreading the word to help Healing Waters International (like telling you to go vote in the KIND movement!), but our relationship goes even deeper.

In 2013, Armina and Luis Mineras sold everything, moved from their home in Antigua, Guatemala to a village called Jocotan, and opened a feeding center in a donated building just above the village.

The Mineras partner with Healing Waters International (HWI) to operate a small water store called Aguas de Unidad. The store uses HWI’s clean water filtration system and distribution model, making safe water affordable to the poorest in the community. The small revenue from the store has both improved the local economy and kept the feeding center up and running.

Now, more than thirty children from the community walk up to the center every day to eat, play, and learn as the Mineras cook, teach, develop an educational curriculum, and grow their capacity for outreach. is committed to using smart, simple taxes to improve quality of life in developing countries like Guatemala. When you file with, you help people like the Mineras to pursue their own visions and bring change to their communities.




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